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MSCRE Team members have been involved in numerous landlord rep assignments where we marketed vacant spaces, procured prospects, negotiated terms, and successfully finalized the lease.

MSCRE team members have the skills, experience, and knowledge to find the most appropriate tenant for each vacant space. We evaluate the property, existing tenant mix, and the market to identify potential tenants that increase the value of the property.

Our focus is in multi-tenant neighborhood retail centers, office buildings, flex-space, and industrial properties. We are happy to work on a single property or portfolio of properties.

We Provide Value

MSCRE Group creates value and provides solutions. We start with a market analysis and lease comparison report to identify the triple net and base rent we can offer. Then we proceed with a GAP analysis to understand the supply and demand for each service or product in the market. This information helps our clients choose tenants that add value to the center, to other tenants, and provide a desirable product or service. Our goal is to match our client’s investment objectives with the right tenant.


Our state of the art market research will help us position the property and make a marketing plan that attracts qualified tenants. Finally, MSCRE will negotiate the most favorable lease terms on our client’s behalf while fostering a long-term partnership between client and tenant.

The Process

  1. Initial interview – We find out about your goals and answer your questions/concerns.

  2. Meeting – The next step is to share with you our thoughts, approach, and plan of action.

  3. Agreement – Once you decide to hire MSCRE, we put an agreement in place.

  4. Market Research – Our intimate knowledge of the local landscape and market research will help us create a marketing plan to attract the right tenants.

  5. Network – We use our network of tenant and broker communities to identify qualified tenants. Then we strategically market your property to viable tenants.

  6. Marketing and Tours – We market the property through multiple channels including online, hardcopy, emails, calls, and in-person meetings. Then we reply to inquiries and schedule property tours.

  7. Negotiation – Once we receive offers to lease, we share the offers that meet your objectives with you and then conduct negotiations.

  8. Lease – After finalizing the terms, the lease will be drafted and executed.

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