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MSCRE’s drive, educational background (including CCIM & MiCP), skills, and use of state of the art technology give our clients the advantage in the market. We have experience working with clients to successfully close $3MM-$20MM deals in multiple asset classes and in all stages of the transaction.


These transactions can range from a normal purchase to a 1031 exchange, a seemingly complex process that we simplify for our clients. We excel at buying and selling retail, office, flex, industrial, and multifamily properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas area. Our goal is to show you that “sky is the limit” through our collaboration.

We Provide Value

If you are selling commercial property, we can conduct an underwriting analysis and report including the sales comparisons, lease comparisons, cap rates, existing market value, and pro forma market value. We can also perform a sell vs. refinance scenario to see which option will maximize your return. We will calculate the NPV and IRR for each option by applying the Science of Commercial Real Estate.

If you are buying a commercial property, we will target the properties that match your objectives for cap rates, cash on cash, and ROI. We can then identify which tenants in the property are going to stay or not based on a GAP Analysis. The GAP analysis aims to evaluate the demand and supply in a market for a specific tenant compared to the demand and supply for the existing tenants. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a 95% occupied property with tenants who may not survive a market correction. Instead, you would use our GAP analysis to choose a property with a strong tenant mix and high demand from the surrounding community. A property with successful and resilient tenants that can weather market corrections increases the chances for value growth and a thriving community. Our expert analysis will identify the advantages and disadvantages of prospective properties to help you maximize the return on your property or portfolio and minimize your transaction risk.


MSCRE Group also has an extensive network of investors, landlords, tenants, commercial real estate advisors, commercial lenders, and commercial insurance agencies. Our network extends beyond Texas, so we are in a good position to help clients achieve their goals anywhere in the country.

The Process



  1. Needs analysis interview – We learn about your goals, objectives, concerns, and any foreseeable obstacles to overcome in selling your commercial property.

  2. Execute agreement – MSCRE Group executes agreement for the following:

    1. Market Research & Property Analysis

    2. Marketing Plan & Listing

    3. Proposals and Negotiation

    4. Transaction Process and Closing


  1. Needs analysis interview – we learn about your goals and your investment interests in the following criteria:

    1. Asset class/category

    2. Market and sub-market

    3. Property size and price range

    4. ROI expectation (Cap Rates, ROI, COC etc.)

    5. Timeline of holding

  2. Agreement – Once you decide to hire MSCRE, we put an agreement in place.

  3. Planning, market research analysis, and property search – we will come up with a list of potential properties for you.

  4. Property Analysis – we will provide you with more detailed information on each property like rent roll and financial reports. We can also provide you with existing return, cash on cash, pro forma, and upside scenario.

  5. Submit offers and negotiate the deal – we identify the best potential properties and submit offers. Then we negotiate to get the most favorable terms for our client. Once the terms are negotiated and agreed to, then the purchase sale agreement will be drafted, negotiated, and executed to put the property under contract.

  6. Transaction process and closing – we will help you conduct your due diligence and help you coordinate with third party vendors.

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